• A terrace directly on the seaside

    A terrace directly on the seaside

    From the terrace, you have the possibility to enjoy a great view to the oriental  coast of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and the "smoking" Stromboli.

  • Lovers of the Sea

    Lovers of the Sea

    The Resort Santa Maria covers an area of 35,000 square meters, just a few kilometers from  Tropea, behind the cliffs of Capo Vaticano. Located directly on the clear blue sea of Calabria,  the resort is located in one of the most beautiful zones of the coast "Costa degli Dei".

  • Natur and Relax

    Natur and Relax

    The holiday in the resort of Santa Maria offers a combination of relax and nature. Our  well-kept gardens with their large variety of plants and flowers trasmittes harmony and  offers at the same time rest zones to relax.  

  • Sport and other activities

    Sport and other activities

    The equipment and the service of the resort, modern and in excellent condition, consist of  Bar, restaurant, supermarket, restaurant on midday, parkingplace, playground for children, gardens,  Swimming pool, tennis court, football and volleyball court, table tennis, video games,  washing mashine (coins).



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Relaxation in the Swimming Pool

Enjoy the sun by the pool, you have the opportunity to choose between the sea and the swimming pool. The swimming pool offers a sunbathing space and an own bar, so that you can enjoy this moment of complete peace and relaxation. This area is particularly suitable for children and their safety, they can move without problems, play and swim and at the same time they are close to their family and under parental control.

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Nestled in a green field

The variety of plants and flowers make from our resort the perfect place to escape from the hectic routine of everyday life. Our employees takes care of the gardens and trees since they were planted and you can therefore say that our resort has grown around them.


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Magically location

To choose Calabria and in particular Capo Vaticano means to immerge in his large variety of natur and the sea is probably the most charming and wonderful part of it. To live directly in harmony with the nature, the beach and the sea, will fill your body and mind with peace and relaxation.

  • The objective of Santa Maria Village is to create a place of peace and relaxation for its guests, offering quality services conjugated to the beauty of the area. - Managership

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